It has to be said that we visited Toronto after a trip to New York, with NYC’s crazily fast pace and electric energy the contrast was evident. We traveled in August and it has to be said that we were treated to perpetual blue skies and sunshine each day. The humidity was low and the air was cool, the right balance and a welcome relief having come from New York where humid 30+ degree nights wasn’t uncommon. NYC is the city that knows it’s cool and you pay for it, Toronto is cool and it’s chilled with it.The city is cool yet not tragically so, vibrant youthful energy seems to flow through the city, with people casually getting on with their lives and enjoying the summer months and the various activities.


Things to do


Toronto City Tour Bus

Yeah it’s cliche and you look like the ultimate tourist riding around in a big red bus with the tour guide cracking soft and subtle jokes as they explain the city’s history, with the majority of the guides being young they added a fun flair to the proceedings and made it more chill and enjoyable. You also have option to see the city by water via the water boat, which is included in the package.



The indoor jumping was really fun, it’s like thirty minutes outside of the city centre yet worth the short train and bus ride. Skyzone offers some of North America’s most popular sports such as basketball and dodgeball mixing this with the trampolines adds a whole new fun element to these games. It seems like something you would see at a play park and could easily be written off as a childish activity.


As cliche as it is we decided to dine at the CN Tower, yeah that hot spot tourist attraction that features on Drakes album cover,  it offers amazing panoramic 360 views as the  restaurant literally revolves. The food served is world food, meaning there’s no focus or coherency and in a way dishes that sound kind of bland. I opted for and sweet potato fries, was kind of bland in truth, the chips were served a little on the warm side yet none the less the experience of seeing Toronto in all its glory from the rotating dome made up for it and offered a unique experience that went beyond just the dishes served. For a starter and main it came up to $60, an affordable and memorable event.

There’s usually a rule and in my time I’ve learned that shabby chic restaurants can serve some of the best dishes around, family run and cooked with passion and that was the case with Golden House restaurant on Yonge St. The Special fried rice caught my eye with mixed meat of chicken, pork, shrimp and a variety of vegetables. The portions were large enough and at $7 extremely affordable.


The Chelsea hotel is  located in the heart of Yonge street and just a stone throw away from Dundas Sq (often called the Time Sq of Toronto). You basically have everything on your doorstep. Being walking distance of bars, restaurants, tourist stores and  attractions makes The Chelsea Hotel a must stay hotel. The rooms were clean and spacious, each with their own private balconies overlooking Toronto’s skyline.

There is two a tier breakfast system in place with food cooked in the main restaurant which has set menu cooked with a steady hand or a breakfast buffet option which allows you to eat all you can and gives its guests a vast selection of choices from eggs, bacon, pancakes and yogurt.

The Chelsea caters for everyone if you’re traveling alone there’s many guests in the common areas such as the lobby and restaurants and bar so plenty chance to meet new people or just you enjoy some down time in the comforts of your room and with room service you never need to leave. During our stay, the hotel put on mini events for children staying with families this included talking interactive robots, popcorn in the lobby and cinema screenings. it’s also good to note their friendly staff were always  on hand to help from the moment we arrived to moment we checked out.


Toronto is a beautiful city that has a lot to offers to its visitors. The city moves at a relaxed pace which is great as so much of the charm of Toronto involves just checking out the various neighborhoods, so once you’ve been up the CN Tower you can get by without spending a fortune on other attractions. Food and drinks tend to be moderately priced for most visitors, and there are plenty of good budget meals available in the various neighbourhoods and restaurants around the city.