Brunching at Mac & Wild 

Mac and wild Located just off oxford street, on Great Tichfield street, the central location makes it a perfect spot to brunch before you head off and start your day. Mac & Wild, offers its own charm from the pictures on the wall, it’s inclusive and welcoming in a good way that some graced with a W1 postcode simply don’t have! It’s a cute venue, thats size and low level music is prefect at creating an atmosphere, with noise levels at a bearable talkable decibel.

mac&wild,food review,scottishBrunch is perfect excuse to dine whenever not too light or too heavy and ideal for drinks before, with or after. The menu offers a selection of wine and a diverse range of whisky. The highlight of the brunch had to be the Scottish breakfast with creamy fluffy eggs, crisp bacon, pancakes, white and black pudding and fried mushroom, lightly flavoured eaten together it worked supremely. It’s quite simple on offer here is place to brunch, lunch, dinner and drink, it’s a good meeting spot and one that once you find what you like you’re bound to return! 3/5