Located in Spitalfields just off from Brick Lane and a stones throw from Liverpool Street, the central location is perfect for after work drinks with the extensive cocktail and a playful mixologist you’re bound to find something to drink. It also offers a retreat from the market across the road and with enough cultural happenings around the area from the Whitechapel Gallery to some light shopping at vintage stores or Boxpark. It’s a perfect solution to a relaxed and chilled dinner. Absurd Bird  has the right balance in being calm and collected, drawing in a chilled crowd, suited to the relaxed laid back atmosphere and surroundings.The restaurant was busy yet not overcrowded with music at a decent level that allowed for conversation to flow without having to strain or shout yet adding to atmosphere to great affect.


Chicken seems to be that staple dish that when done right it’s done right and here it’s done great. Absurd Bird has emerged and challenged the game offering affordable and extremely large portions. It helps that the focus falls predominately on chicken it allows room for a steady hand to play, experiment and come up with exciting dishes. Interesting food makes an appearance across the menu from the starter dish of  sweet potato bake topped with marshmallows to the hurricane popcorn seaweed, proving that it isn’t all about the meat. The menu had several other highlights including the macaroni and cheese, delicious jalapeno cheese biscuits the doughy taste played well against the kick of the peppers and the creamy spinach and artichoke offering was also a treat.


Now on to the chicken, the restaurant is clearly onto something here with ethically sourced birds that have longer life spans than average, reared for 20% longer than leading organic birds and 50% longer than your average free range variety.  The proof is evident in the size. The option I enjoyed most is the wings, be prepared as these aren’t your average offerings! Not just in taste yet also size. We asked if we could do a wing roulette, with various flavours, seasonings and techniques on show. The wings that stood out to me was the crisply coated buttermilk wings, tender meat with crunchy batter a perfect pairing proving how fresh both the batter and the bird was.



It offers something that the quarter in which Absurd Bird is situated has been missing, it hands down knocks some of the other chicken chains out of the ball park. Absurd Bird offers affordability, that doesn’t compromise on taste or quality. Portions are generous and the quality of the meat is evident with every flavoursome bite.