Even if the times are dominated by racism, nationalism, countries looking inwards, raising walls, locking doors and turning their backs on those in need, it seems art and culture are the ones holding up megaphones and saying what needs to be said, trying to awaken those who’ve given up and are stumbling off cliffs in a zombie like state.

In the age of Brexit Britain it’s comforting to flick through the march edition of British vogue and see a burst of new ads which feature a multicultural cast of models that are BAME. I have to honestly applaud the following: Kenzo, Stella McCartney, YSL, Celine, Miu Miu, Valentino, Bottega, Micheal Kor, Marni, Mulberry, coach, Kate spade, Net-a-porter, Next, Thomas Sabo,Ralph Lauren, Nike x Fka Twigs.

Race is always something I’ve struggled with working in an¬†industry/ cultural landscape that’s so unapologetically white, from catwalks and adverts, awash with copy and paste models and also photographers, designers, stylists, art directors, editors etc predominantly white – it can be a bit alienating.


Now more than ever we should have an industry that respects and represents a diverse range of colours and cultures. It’s simply about fashion being inclusive, not exclusive and elitist, it’s also about understanding that culture has been one sided for far too long and that on visual basis if you’re selling an idea, a lifestyle, a dream then it shouldn’t always be one tone of skin that’s applicable to all races. We’ve got a long way to go before we have a multicultural industry but this is a start and I’m happy it’s happening.


The questions to ask are,¬† Is this a moment or a movement? Has or are the tides about to change? Hopefully it’s the latter and the worlds waking up and finally addressing the one way traffic system of idealised notions of beauty.