Re-bel started from a simple idea born from the minds of Rasharn Agyemang & Jaiden Jeremy James of former cult label Jaiden rVa James.

Re-bel rebels against the conventions of normality and aims not only to simply reflect the times but to help shape them. To be a voice for so many who are voiceless and promote new talent whilst respecting and acknowledging the contributions that the established visionaries have brought to the world and how they have helped change, inspire and add to the wealth of global culture.

The very format of Re-Bel is a stand against the conformity of 21st century media. It is reminiscent of an age when the values and opinions of cultural speakers shaped, influenced and enlightened society. We raise a middle finger to conventions of normality.


Re-bel is available in print – distributed in London, Paris, Tokyo, NYC and Milan – as well as digital.