25016673_531775583868737_6017973098433740800_nVictor Tarasov

27, Creative, Prague


We asked several multi disciplinary creatives/ artists to select five pictures from their phone. Images that  they’ve taken that speaks to them on a deeper level than the average snap.

Here Tarasov selects a series of abstract images, finding beauty in moments and minutes that could easily be passed by.

Broken Blood Vessels

26241457_1779320825414011_1935850632_nGrowing Blades

26234774_1779321012080659_2015463493_nRelation Between System & Light 

26543878_1779320478747379_1013309050_oState of Heart 

26552775_1779320845414009_2032216696_nWaking up with this fella during the whole year living a lie